Gary Turner

Gary Turner

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First Name * Gary
Last Name * Turner
Username * gtcable
Country * USA
City Honolulu


Current Position Animator;Compositor;Director;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;Modeller;Producer;Production;Renderer;Rigger;Writer / Editor
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre ProductionSFXTelevison
Preferred Tools Full job dutiesfrom scriptingcamerathru voice talent and editing.



Aloha all!
I'm an aspiring cartoon creator. Currently paying the bills with local Hawaiian commercial productions with the big Time Warner. I'm in the midst of heading up my pitches and making the dream a reality. Check out my gallery and let me know what you think!

Beyond Maya 3D animation I am adept at 2D animation using Anime Studio Pro.